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Aside from our onsite and in-house testing services, one of our specialties at L.A. X-RAY is Real-Time Radiography inspection. Utilizing some of the best technical equipment in the non-destructive testing industry, we provide Real-Time imaging to accurately determine the integrity of metal and other critical substances that are impacted by stress fractures and other defects that are otherwise difficult to identify. The professionals at L.A. X-Ray can also support your staff in the interpretation of existing x-ray film, evaluate the reliability of your own x-ray equipment and diagnostic results, or even provide temporary technicians to operate your own imaging equipment during demanding deadlines or staffing shortages.

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While we offer services to commercial and government enterprises across the nation, L.A. X-Ray has developed a trusted track record for success and a considerable customer base throughout the greater Los Angeles, CA region, including Van Nuys, Ontario, Camarillo, Burbank, Sun Valley, Santa Ana, San Diego, and beyond.

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